Unquiet Graves: Uncovering Britain’s Secret War in Ireland (Trailer)


Unquiet Graves: The story of the Glenanne Gang details how members of the RUC and UDR, (a British Army regiment) were centrally involved in the murder of over 120 innocent civilians during the recent conflict in Ireland. It will detail how members worked hand in hand with known sectarian murderers in the targeted assassinations of farmers, shopkeepers, publicans and other civilians in a campaign aimed at terrorizing the most vulnerable in society. Now known as the Glenanne Gang, the group of killers rampaged through Counties Tyrone and Armagh and across into the Irish Republic in a campaign that lasted from July 1972 to the end of 1978.

After years of painstaking work by human rights groupsThe Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) and Dublin-based Justice for the Forgotten (JFF), and the subsequent release of Anne Cadwallader’s best-selling book, ‘Lethal Allies’, the scale of collusion between the British government and loyalist death squads has now become apparent. The British government knew that collusion was going on and condoned it. The suffering of victims and survivors is today compounded by the refusal of both the Irish and British governments in dealing with the past by facing up to their responsibilities in pursuing truth and justice for those affected.

The film hopes to redress an imbalance within public discourse while also offering a contextual appreciation of these tragic events from the perspectives of the families themselves, an important procedure not adequately afforded by institutional broadcasters in cases of state violence.

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  1. Bobby Smith

    God bless your brave soul chara for bringing to light yet another in a long line of British,state sponsored death squads.It does ma head in like never before that the likes of Adams actually supports PSNI/RUC(one in the same still)and wants the Catholic communities to join these murderous scum.With the Brits still trying to insist its policies to the North of Ireland there will forever be resistance and rightfully so….T.A.L.

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